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Welcome! We welcome you as like-minded people and are pleased about your visit. Please feel free to have a look around - and share our concerns!

The Organization for People and Nature (abbreviated OFMUN), is a union of people with the common vision of a healthy and peaceful world. We invite you to share this vision with us and become a part of it yourself. Together we fill this space with our ideas, with our abilities and with our hearts, which will create a new and peaceful world from our common vision. A world where every living being has its natural right to exist and is accepted as it is. A world in which every human being has enough space to fill this space according to his own ideas but also grants this space to every other human being. We founded the OFMUN organization to connect like-minded people like you and me so that we can make this vision come true together.

Our visions

  • To protect land and estates permanently in the sense of our ecosystem as well as to leave this land to people with an ecological way of life for permanent, generation-spanning, free use.
  • To realize ecological, sustainable living and housing projects in the form of self-sufficient communities, new ecological villages and ecological cities
  • To connect people worldwide to realize our visions together. Together we create everything that is not possible alone or in a small circle

If you identify with our common vision, want to live it yourself or support it, or both, then you are invited to join the OFMUN organization. Through your membership you will have access to all information on our website and thus support our work. You also have the possibility to get involved in the different areas of our work and can participate in the internal exchange of information. OFMUN offers everyone the possibility to participate actively or inactively. Companies, associations, foundations and other institutions are also welcome to join our organization and support these sustainable projects through their own efforts.

Join in

OFMUN offers everyone the opportunity to become a part of our organization, so that together as a strong community we can change our world positively and sustainably. You can become an official member of our organization, you can participate in our projects like: The free allocation of land or living in the NEW ECOVILLAGE, or you can help to support them through your work in our organization. Furthermore, we offer you the possibility to support our organization and our projects with your donations.

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1. Support our organization through your work

2. Support our projects through your membership in our organization

3. Gifting the membership to someone

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4. Help through donations

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