OFMUN Organization for humans and nature

The OFMUN organization unites like-minded people from all over the world, whose vision is that humans are part of a healthy nature. Our aim is a natural life. To preserve and cultivate our nature meaningful in order to create a healthy and protected habitat for people, animals and plants. Through forward-looking, pragmatic concepts of our organization, new sustainable habitats are created. Oases for US and a natural survival of nature. We are a charitable organization, which is sustainable and ecologically oriented towards natural law and uses all proceeds for the common good of our fellow human beings and nature. All the money, land and possessions we acquire or entrust are used in the common good. Some of our members are financial experts who have made it their task to realize the redistribution of money from economic to ecologically sustainable purposes.

Our fields of activity

The focal points of our activities are:

  • The return of land and property to nature-loving people and future generations
  • The return of the money to the population as well as the support with a basic supply
  • The promotion of sustainable communities, new ecovillages
  • The promotion of ecological tourism
  • The promotion of sustainable (free) energy
  • The promotion of environmentally friendly mobility

All our projects and activities are based on the preservation of nature and the habitat of all fellow human beings.

Briefly explained:

  • Repatriation of land and property
  • Return of assets to the population
  • Payment of a basic income
  • Creation of healing habitat for humans, animals, plants and minerals
  • Bringing together like-minded people

People with a sustainable, ecological way of life are shaping the future.

Join in

OFMUN offers everyone the opportunity to become a part of our organization, so that together as a strong community we can change our world positively and sustainably. You can become an official member of our organization, you can participate in our projects like: The free allocation of land, the monthly basic income or living in the NEW ECOVILLAGE, or you can help to support them through your work in our organization. Furthermore, we offer you the possibility to support our organization and our projects with your donations.

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1. Support our organization through your work

2. Support our projects through your membership in our organization

3. Gifting the membership to someone

Possible if you are a member of our association

4. Help through donations

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