About us

The core team of the OFMUN organization consists of 4 founding members and several freelancers. Our organization is currently being restructured into a non-profit association with headquarters in Switzerland. The statutes of our organization are available for public download here.

For the future it is planned to establish a foundation in the sense of OFMUN, which will be active in corporation with our association. The purpose of the foundation is to secure the property against takeover in the long run, which is not possible for an association. This step will take place before the acquisition or transfer of the first properties. After the establishment of the foundation, the statutes of the association will be adapted accordingly.

Our aims

  • To acquire landed property in order to protect it permanently in the interest of our ecosystem according to our statutes and to establish it as unsaleable
  • To make this property available to people who use it in accordance with our statutes for free, permanent, generation-spanning, ecological use
  • To make it possible for all people to place their property under our statutes in order to protect it permanently and across generations from abuse, misuse and loss
  • Promote sustainable living and housing projects in the form of self-sufficient communities, new ecological villages and ecological cities
  • Connect like-minded people worldwide to promote sustainable, ecological lifestyles and communities
  • The restructuring of the use of donations, sponsorship money and gifts of economic, political, sporting or religious purposes, for sustainable and ecologically valuable purposes that comply with our club statutes


The sole purpose of the OFMUN Association is the recovery and preservation of our ecosystem as well as a harmonious coexistence between humans, animals and nature.

Property and finances of the OFMUN Association

  • According to our own statutes, any property owned by the OFMUN Association may not be sold, rented, leased or used in any other profitable way against the sense of sustainability. Exceptions are the properties from the Land Ownership Project, as we do not want to deny people who place their own property under the OFMUN Association Statutes the right to be tied to a specific location. The new property will once again come under our statutes.
  • All material goods and possessions of the OFMUN organization as well as cash serve only the purpose of using it sustainably for our fellow men and our nature.


Our organization has financed the implementation so far, the foundation of the association, our website and all costs incurred so far by the founding members themselves. Within the next weeks our organization is fully operational due to the foundation of the association, and we are allowed to officially accept donations, gifts, grants, inheritances and membership fees. Through this wide range of possibilities we will be able to realize all the projects of our OFMUN organization step by step.


All income and expenses of the OFMUN Association are published transparently once a year. All our financial transactions are made transparent and visible on our homepage.

Membership and Collaboration

Anyone who identifies with our visions, would like to become a member of our association or would like to contribute their own knowledge, experience and work is welcome to become a part of our community.


We cordially invite you to support our work as well as our projects with your donation. This can be in the form of a membership in an association, a donation, a gift, an inheritance or a donation in kind.


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