Everyone who wants to become a part of our OFMUN organization is welcome and can become an official member of our people and conservation organization. With a small membership fee you are not only a member of our organization, you also support our work, our projects and our continued existence.

With every new member the community of the OFMUN organization grows. The bigger our community becomes, the better we and our projects are perceived by the public. And from a certain size on we find a hearing and our sustainable projects can no longer be argued away from politics, economy or industry. Together we are strong and can change everything that is impossible for individuals or small groups. Therefore, it is a top priority that we humans come together in a group, in an organization to work together for nature protection, climate protection, environmental protection as well as sustainable and future-oriented projects.

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The membership fee is 10 Euro and is valid for 1 year. The membership can be extended at will before expiry. With your official O.F.M.U.N. membership you contribute to the growth of our organization and help us all together to create a new, just and peaceful world.

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Official OFMUN Members List

Here we list all official members of our human and nature rights protection organization. You have the possibility to be listed by name or you can also register anonymously.

Start 22.12.2019

Members List

Avatar Name Plan Username Membership date
Gesa Nicolai Single OFMUN Membership Gesa 16-09-2020
Claus Single OFMUN Membership 29-04-2020
Jan 29-04-2020
Tom Single OFMUN Membership 28-04-2020
Susanne Felber Single OFMUN Membership 18-02-2020
Marlies Killat Single OFMUN Membership 10-02-2020
norbert Single OFMUN Membership 08-02-2020
Franziska Löser Single OFMUN Membership 03-02-2020
Egon Hauck Single OFMUN Membership 27-01-2020
Michael Kronenberg Single OFMUN Membership 07-01-2020
Verena Klevenz Single OFMUN Membership 04-01-2020
Alexander Orthöfer Single OFMUN Membership 03-01-2020
john Nave Single OFMUN Membership 03-01-2020
Phil Single OFMUN Membership 02-01-2020
Gudrun Stiller Single OFMUN Membership 02-01-2020
Ben Jünke Single OFMUN Membership 01-01-2020
Rainer Schmitz Single OFMUN Membership 29-12-2019
Andreas Wuscher Single OFMUN Membership 25-12-2019
Andreas Geng Single OFMUN Membership 25-12-2019
Arlaine Anderson Single OFMUN Membership 25-12-2019

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