Projects of the OFMUN Organization

All projects of the OFMUN organization are designed in the interest of all people, all animals and nature.

Project Earth

The foundation of all our activities is based on the concept of Project Earth. It is the cornerstone for the protection and preservation of our flora and fauna as well as our fellow human beings. The OFMUN organization acquires land and properties and gives them back to our Mother Earth. These plots of land are given free of charge to the people who protect and preserve them through their sustainable way of life in the sense of nature and us humans.

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Project Life

Project Life is the realization of communal, ecological housing and village communities while maintaining their own privacy. Free and independent living with like-minded people of all generations as neighbors in harmony with nature. Here, future-oriented places are created that supply themselves with green energy, where people grow their own healthy food, help and support each other. Places where people and nature are in the foreground.

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Project Connecting

OFMUN offers a platform for all interested parties where like-minded people can find each other and network worldwide. This creates many connections which make it possible to realize projects together in the sense of sustainability. There is also an exchange of knowledge between people who already live in communities or ecovillages, people who are self-sufficient, who practice permaculture, who have experience with self-sufficient energy, people who are concerned with water and water retention landscapes, with free real energy such as solar ovens, solar thermal and other efficient green energy systems. Whether as a person, as a family or as a small group, there is room for everyone to exchange ideas or to find each other.

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