OFMUN Estatutos

(SPANISH TRANSLATION COMING SOON) OFMUN is a non-profit organization that does not pursue any economic interests or profitable goals. Our actions serve the sole purpose of protecting and preserving our nature and the survival of all life on our planet. All money that we have earned and entrusted to us is only used for the benefit of nature and our fellow human beings.

1. Properties and land

Our organization acquires land and property to protect and preserve it from exploitation, destruction, economic and industrial use. These properties are returned to our nature and to our fellow men. All plots of land are made available free of charge to people who use them ecologically and sustainably in the interest of nature. Every user of the land receives a lifelong right to live and use the land for himself and for all following generations. Thus, these properties are safe and permanently protected. They can never again be sold, rented or leased by themselves or their heirs or descendants. Also, a commercial or industrial use is thus permanently excluded. According to our own statutes, we too may never again sell, rent, lease or use the land and properties for commercial or industrial purposes. We ourselves may only make these properties and lands available free of charge to the people who use and work them ecologically and sustainably. In this way, the sustainable use of all the land acquired by OFMUN is guaranteed forever.

2. Unconditional basic income

Each user of the property receives a monthly unconditional basic income from us, the amount of which is adapted to the respective circumstances of the country and the number of families or community members. This basic income is a start-up aid for the first years and does not need to be paid back to us. So people have time to arrange their lives in such a way that they can generate their own income in the coming years and the unconditional basic income benefits other people.

3. Finances

The above mentioned projects are financed by our own work, by writing books, by our own patents, by membership fees as well as by donations and contributions from our fellow men, from businessmen, from companies, from associations, foundations and other organizations.

All payments received will be used entirely for the realization of the above-mentioned projects, for the purchase of land, the payment of the unconditional basic income and for the maintenance and freedom of action of the OFMUN organization.

4. Organization, wages and salaries

The salaries of the OFMUN team may not exceed the legal minimum wage of the respective industry by more than 25%.  All purchases for the OFMUN organization are kept to a minimum, no unnecessary expenses for luxury cars, villas, expensive business premises or similar. No overpaid employees, no personal enrichment, no financial or material benefits for family members, friends or acquaintances.


All income, donations, grants and expenses are published transparently every month on our homepage here.

Decree / Enactment

09.12.2019, I, Thomas Häfker, née Kampka, the founder of the OFMUN organization, issue the following decree today. This decree is inviolable and binding for all times. Also, for each of my successors this decree is binding and the guideline for their actions.

1. All lands, properties of the OFMUN organization may never be sold, rented, leased or used for economic, industrial purposes. These may only be used ecologically and sustainably in the interest of nature. Also, these lands and properties may only be given free of charge and without financial interest to people with a sustainable lifestyle.

2. All material possessions of the OFMUN organization as well as cash serve the purpose of sustainable use for our fellow human beings and our nature.

3. This decree is valid immediately and will last for all eternity. It is inviolable and can never be changed.

4. This decree is binding for all members of the OFMUN organization

5. The core statutes are inviolable and may not be changed in their meaning

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