(SPANISH TRANSLATION COMING SOON) Money always serves the purpose for what it is used. There are many billions in circulation which are used almost exclusively for self-interest or for unsustainable, commercial things and purposes such as luxury, armament, military, politics, companies and corporations. And this is exactly what we are going to change now, it is the redistribution of the money that is in circulation. Our aim is to use as much money as possible for ecological, sustainable and future-oriented projects so that this money benefits our nature and our fellow men. It is important that we take as much money as possible to use it for good and sustainable purposes that only serve the purpose of securing the survival of our earth and us humans. And exactly for this reason it should be the ambition of every human being to help with the redistribution of money. Every year many billions are donated in good faith, also for supposedly sustainable projects. But what has really changed in our world so far? Nothing, in fact the conditions are getting worse every year. This alone should show us that all this donated money has not been used sustainably. And that is exactly why this money should be used for really sustainable projects of our OFMUN organization. With all the billions being wasted every year, it is essential to redistribute the money for ecologically valuable purposes.

And this is where everyone has the opportunity to help, no matter how much they have. Whoever identifies with our projects and feels that this is the best way to change our earth in a positive and sustainable way has the opportunity to do so here and now. You can support our work through your membership in our OFMUN organization. This costs 10 Euro per year, which is about 83 Cent per month which is possible for every human being.

1.OFMUN Organization Membership

Simplemente hazte miembro de la organización OFMUN y apoya nuestro trabajo. La membresía es anual y puede ser pagada por transferencia bancaria, Paypal, transferencia bancaria instantánea, tarjeta de crédito o débito directo.

Membresía única OFMUN


2. Donations and contributions

Everyone who is aware of the urgency of our projects and would like to help has the opportunity to support us financially in the form of donations. We accept every donation with gratitude and from the heart, and we will use it to the best of our conscience for a healthy and peaceful world.

Every supporter gets a donation receipt on request which is also tax-deductible. All incoming payments will be published transparently on our homepage. If desired, we will gladly provide the name of the donor or anonymously if desired, only the amount and date of payment.

3. Entire projects Financing

The financially well-off people among us have the opportunity to finance entire projects on their own. This also applies to companies, associations, foundations, banks, governments and other institutions. Here you can finance whole plots of land for our projects, from villages to whole cities, there are no limits. You could finance land or the unconditional basic income for one or more land owners or in the best case both.

Every project that you finance will be published in your name, also with your company logo or family crest. Every project will be accompanied by a written and pictorial report, every 6 months there will be an update with new information and pictures on our website. So you can show all people your contribution to a peaceful world, that you do something for the welfare of all people on our earth as well as for our environment.

4. Plots of land and houses

Also, land and houses which you do not use yourself, for which you have no use anymore or there is no one else to bequeath them to, we will gladly use them for you in the sense of sustainability. In this way your land will help to give a home to people who protect and maintain it through their sustainable way of life. It is guaranteed that your land and houses can never be abused, sold, rented, leased or used for commercial or industrial purposes. These serve only one purpose, to be there to protect and preserve our fellow men and our nature. Every property entrusted to us will be published in your name on our homepage if you wish, it is your monument for eternity. We can also publish the whole anonymously, if you wish so.

5. Inherit and bequest

Many people have no one left, no heirs or no one they really want to leave their property to. In many cases, the property is then bequeathed to churches or other institutions, or they automatically become the property of the state. In 99% of these cases your property is not used for the preservation of our nature and for our fellow men, rather the opposite is the case, that other people enrich themselves with it. Therefore, it is also important in inheritance matters that these are redistributed in order to use inherited property for environmental protection, nature conservation and the protection of our fellow human beings.

It is also difficult to find someone to whom one leaves one's property, where one knows that it is good and sustainable. We at the OFMUN organization are happy to accept your inheritance and use it for our projects. We manage your property and distribute it in such a sustainable way that it will last for a long time or even permanently. If our concepts appeal to you and you would like us to use your inheritance for these projects, please contact us.

6. Non-monetary donations

Donations in kind also count as valuable aid for our projects. Much of what you no longer need can be used for our projects or, if necessary, sold to use the proceeds for our projects. Among the donations in kind we can use for our projects can count: Garden tools, vehicles, seeds, building materials, solar panels, batteries/storage batteries, agricultural machinery and other sustainable and future-oriented items.

Donations in kind that we can sell to use the proceeds for our projects include precious metals, jewelry, art, paintings, rare and precious items and anything of value. If you would like to support us with a donation in kind, you can contact us here.

7. Sponsors

For our projects we need many things such as: solar systems, garden equipment, agricultural machinery, building materials, office supplies and much more. For these things we are looking for sponsors, companies who will give us these things for free or who will give us special prices for all following projects in case of bulk purchase. In return, you will appear with your name and your company logo on our homepage under the heading Partners and also under every project where your things are used.

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