Proyectos de la Organización OFMUN

(SPANISH TRANSLATION COMMING SOON) All our projects are realized in the interest of all people, all animals and nature. The core of our activities is the protection and preservation of land areas from exploitation, destruction, industrialization and money-making. The redistribution of money from economic to ecological use. In short, the return of land to our earth and our fellow human beings as well as the return of money to the population. You can take part in the projects of the OFMUN organization yourself, as well as support them through your work or your donations.

Project Earth, the return of land and property to our earth and to our fellow human beings

The foundation of all our activities is based on the concept of Project Earth. It is the cornerstone for the protection and preservation of our flora and fauna as well as our fellow human beings. The OFMUN organization acquires land and properties and gives them back to our Mother Earth. These plots of land are given free of charge to the people who protect and preserve them through their sustainable way of life in the sense of nature and us humans.

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Project Life, basic income for a sustainable life

People with a sustainable lifestyle no longer cause damage to the environment and nature. It is therefore important that we support these people in leading this future-oriented life. In this way, these people can perform their service to Mother Nature and, ultimately, to all of us. A basic income is the basic prerequisite to enable these people to start their ecological life. Through our Project Life, new healthy life for people, animals and nature is created here.

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Project New ecovillages, creating ecological habitats

Ecological villages and cities are the green future of our earth. Our Project New Ecovillages creates new, healthy, natural habitats for people, animals and plants. In this way we humans contribute with our way of life to protect and preserve our flora and fauna as well as all life on earth. A life in harmony with nature is the future of all of us. We plan and build these new ecological villages and cities for you and we all together put the concept of the new ecovillages for a peaceful healthy world into practice.

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Project Eco-Parcs, ecological tourism in the new ecovillage

Eco Parcs is a unique concept that combines sustainable holidays with normal life in an existing ecovillage. Not only is it a stand-alone ecological holiday park, but guests can become part of our self-sufficient, ecological, self-sustaining village community for a while.

We offer self-sufficient, sustainable holidays that do not harm the environment, but promote it. We combine tourism with a sustainable ecological lifestyle. Our holiday guests also learn the sustainable use of water, electricity, sustainable means of transport, ecological self-cultivation without chemicals, harvesting, processing, baking their own bread, living in harmony with nature without harming it.

  • Ecological holiday homes
  • Ecological Camper Park
  • Ecological tree houses
  • Sustainable leisure activities
  • Learning to live naturally

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