Our vision is a healthy world where all people, all animals and all plants can live together in peace. With your donation you support our version and help us to realize it. Your donation helps to heal our damaged ecosystem, to protect land from exploitation, destruction and money making, to give people a home and to end hunger, poverty, suffering and misery on our earth.

Every year many thousands of billions are donated worldwide. In Germany alone, people donated more than 5.3 billion euros in 2018, in the USA it was over 400 billion dollars in 2017. Worldwide, the donations exceed the trillion mark every year. And yet the damage to people, animals and nature is getting worse every year. This shows us that all this money donated in good faith has not been used as promised. And no matter what happens, people keep donating more and more, and every day, they will never change that. And even if the organizations, associations, politicians embezzle donations, the people still continue to donate to the same institutions. There are donation scandals in all the institutions mentioned above, in all variations. And if it comes to light that the donations are spent on own luxury, expensive cars, overpriced business premises and record salaries than the following usually happens. The institution apologizes, somebody gets fired and everything is fine again. And the paradox is that people keep donating more and more to these well-known institutions. Donations have become a business model that has been worked out in the interest of companies, religions, politicians and the economy. The laws on donations have also been designed to reflect the donation business model.

As is publicly visible, the majority of donations almost exclusively end up in the wrong hands and therefore it is time that this money gets into the right hands. Therefore, a redistribution of the donation money is urgently needed, so that these donations can be used for ecological and sustainable purposes. The combination of our concepts, which we have developed for the use of the donations entrusted to us, cover all necessary areas to really change our world in a positive and sustainable way. We deserve this chance, otherwise nothing will ever change.

We use all the money entrusted to us for exactly these projects in your interest, because we keep our promises. All donations received and their use are regularly published by us for control purposes. Your donations will be used for Project Earth, Project Life, Project New Ecovillages as well as for the capacity to act and the preservation of our organization. All received donations and expenses are published monthly in a report so that everyone can see how your donations are used.

Here you can support our organization and our projects with your online donation. You can make your donation via PayPal, credit card, instant bank transfer, direct debit or bank transfer. Click on the donation button to donate

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The whole team of the OFMUN organization would like to thank all the people who support us with their donation and those who will support us in the future. All of us together will change the world.

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