The founding phase of the OFMUN organization is complete, OFMUN is now official and immediately fully operational. This extends our range of activities and tasks for which we need support. Here we offer you the opportunity to become a member of the core team of our organization. Our team is looking for people from different fields of activity who support us with their experience, skills and ideas on a voluntary basis.

Our team needs reinforcement

For the expansion of our team we are looking for people who can cover the following areas of responsibility
  • Lawyer/lawyer with focus on associations, foundations and tax law
  • Notary public for all contractual matters
  • Office assistant for writing and administration
  • Experts for marketing and advertising
  • Experts for creating promotional videos
  • Graphic designer for the creation of advertising material
  • Translator for English and Spanish
  • Architects for the planning of ecological houses and cities
  • Gardener with a focus on landscaping, ecological planting, permaculture etc.
  • Electrician specializing in sustainable energy for planning the energy supply of houses and towns
  • Expert for the planning and construction of water retention landscapes

For these activities in our organization we are looking for people who identify with our goals and want to volunteer for the protection and preservation of our nature as well as our fellow human beings.

Staff Team

One of the most important tasks is the public announcement and dissemination of the existence of our OFMUN organization and our activities. Only when people know that the OFMUN organization exists, they can support us in our work. Here we offer you different possibilities how you can support our organization and its publicity easily.

Make information stands in the cities, at festivals, events, concerts, sports events etc. and inform the people publicly about our organization and our projects. Material such as staff passes, flyers and brochures are provided free of charge.

Also, for these activities in our organization we are looking for people who feel up to these tasks and would like to become part of our organization through their voluntary work. The publicity of our activities and our existence are among the most important tasks so that we can grow together.

Flyers, clothing, employee cards and advertising material are in work and will be available from March 2020.


Everyone who would like to support us with his actions and cannot or does not want to fulfil any of the above tasks has the possibility to work as a freelancer for our organization. With the following activities you can support our organization.

  • Sharing our homepage and our projects in public networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. as well as on your own websites and channels
  • Tell your families, friends and acquaintances about the existence and the plans of our OFMUN organization

These important tasks or parts of them can in principle be carried out by anyone who really wants to support us. For this you don't need any legitimization from us, you can share and spread our contributions, our projects and our website on the internet without restrictions and also tell everybody about our organization and our projects. Freelancers are indispensable members of our organization.

Advertising banners and link banners for the internet are in progress and will be available for you from mid-January 2020. You can put them on your own websites, post them in social networks, post them in forums, use them for YouTube and anywhere else on the internet where it is effective.

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